Table of Contents

The technical content on this website is organized into three primary divisions:

  • Principles and Concepts
  • Model Development
  • Model Application and Management

For a more detailed list of all pages by categories see the Index.

# Principles and Concepts

This section deals with the behavioral and mathematical theory underlying travel forecast models.

# Concepts of Travel Behavior

# Travel Behavior Models

# Statistics / Econometrics

  • Growth rate functions
  • Iterative proportional fitting
  • Regression analysis
  • Choice models
  • Advanced choice models
  • Coordinated choice models
  • Spatial interaction models
  • Machine learning / artificial intelligence

# Model Development

This section deals with best practices for developing and delivering travel forecasting models.

# Model building blocks

# Model development techniques

# Mode-specific considerations

# Model Application and Management

This section deals with using travel forecasting models within public agencies and/or for research. Topics include:

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