Model Validation and Reasonableness Checking

# Travel Model Validation and Reasonableness Checking

The pages in this category are devoted to methods for validating travel models, and for checking that their performance is reasonable.

# Sources

These pages were initially derived from the Travel Model Validation and Reasonableness Checking Manual, Second Edition, prepared by Cambridge Systematics, Inc., and published by the Federal Highway Administration Travel Model Improvement Program in September, 2010.

The original source document may be found on the web either as a PDF (opens new window) or as HTML (opens new window).

# Topics

Originally presented in this order:

  1. Introduction
  2. Model Validation Plan Specification
  3. Validating Model Inputs
  4. Socioeconomic Models
  5. Amount of Travel/Activity
  6. Trip Distribution/Destination Choice/Location Choice
  7. Mode Choice/Vehicle Occupancy
  8. Time of Day
  9. Assignment Procedures
  10. Temporal Validation and Sensitivity Testing
  11. Validation Documentation

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