7th ITM Conference, Atlanta, Georgia (2018)

# Hyatt Buckhead | Atlanta, Georgia 2018

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) Innovations in Travel Modeling (ITM) conference series has become the leading venue for researchers and practitioners to come together and discuss, debate, and share information about advances in travel analysis and modeling methods. The ITM conference series is intended to bridge the gap between research and practice and help accelerate the deployment of new methods, tools, technologies, and algorithms in freight and passenger travel forecasting model systems. The conference series was launched in 2006 and is held every other year, with the seventh edition occuring in Atlanta, Georgia during June 24-27, 2018.

A compendium of research briefs from the conference is available for download here, and individual research briefs and presentations can be downloaded from the table below.

Title Primary Author
Duration Analysis of Length of Participation in Smartphone Travel Surveys Paper Zachary Patterson
21st Century Transportation Planning in Lake Tahoe Using Cellular Mobility Data Analytics Paper Cynthia Albright
A “True” Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value (MDCEV) Choice Model Paper Presentation Chandra Bhat
A Comparative Analysis of Utility Maximization and Machine Learning Models to Predict Number of Vehicle Body Types Owned by a Household Paper Yi Hou
A Discrete Choice Model of Change in Departure Time in Response to the BART Perks Social-Media-Based Incentive Program Paper Presentation Mark Bradley
A DTA Framework for Analyzing Managed Lanes Paper Presentation Daniel Morgan
A Framework for Modeling Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in the New Michigan Statewide Model Paper Presentation Vincent Bernardin
A multi-resolution Index for Intermodal Freight Connectivity Paper Presentation Samuel Jordan
A Multi-Scale Agent-based Modelling Framework for Urban Freight Distribution Paper Presentation André Romano Alho
A Proposed Tool for Transit Fare Structure Evaluation: Integration of Smart Card Data with Regional Demand Models Paper Presentation Ali Darwiche
A Spatial Multiple Discrete-Continuous Model with a Multivariate Skew-Normal Distribution for the Kernel Error Term and Unobserved Heterogeneity Paper Presentation Chandra Bhat
A Time-space-speed Network Model for Trajectory Optimization of Connected Automated Vehicles Paper Presentation Xiaopeng Li
Adapting an Existing Activity Based Modeling Structure for the New York Region Paper Presentation Rachel Copperman
An Operational Open-Source Model System and Software Framework Supporting Agile Model Development of Strategic Planning Models Paper Presentation Brian Gregor
Analysis of Habitual Travel Patterns and Conventional Mobility Expenses on Emerging Mobility Choices Paper Hamidreza Asgari
Behavioral Freight Model for the United States Paper Presentation Maren Outwater
Bridging Discrete Mode Choice Modelling and Microsimulation in MATSim Paper Presentation Sebastian Hörl
Bridging Survey Response and Revealed Behavior In A Quantum Cognition Model Paper Presentation Jiangbo Yu
Capturing the Built Environment - Travel Connection for Strategic Planning: Development of A Multi-Modal Travel Module for VisionEval Paper Presentation Liming Wang
Comparison of Logit Models to Machine Learning Algorithms for Modeling Individual Daily Activity Pattern Types Paper Presentation Daniel Fay
Computational Approaches for Efficient Estimation of Discrete Choice Models Paper Presentation Jeffrey Newman
Courier and Service Trip Generation Estimation: A Case Study for Washington, D.C. Paper Woojung Kim
Developing and Implementing Sustainable Strategies and Solutions for Multimodal Travel Behavior Data - GenNexHTS Paper Stacey Bricka
Development and Application of a Model to Estimate Driverless Autonomous Vehicle Trips Paper Presentation Steve Ruegg
Estimation of Telecommuting Impact with the Atlanta Activity-Based Model Paper Presentation Kyeil Kim
Exploratory Modeling and Analysis – Developing a Practical Approach Paper Martin Milkovits
Gaussian Process Regression for Risk Analysis of Travel Demand Forecasts Paper Presentation Jeffrey Newman
Improving the Spatial Transferability of Travel Demand Forecasting Models: An Empirical Assessment of the Impact of Incorporating Attitudes on Model Transferability Paper Presentation Michael Maness
Incorporating Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Ride-Hailing Services in the Traditional Four Step Model Paper Presentation Chandra Bhat
Incorporating Long-Distance, Visitor, and Summer Travel into the New Michigan Statewide Model Paper Presentation Stephen Tuttle
Incorporating Uncertainty in Transportation Model Predictions: Empirical Evaluation of Roadway Travel Demand and Transit Boarding-to-Alighting Passenger Flow Applications Paper Serkan Bicici
Innovative Assignment Process for a Statewide Model Paper Presentation William Allen
Integrated Land Use/Transport Models: The Use of Microsimulation to Better Account for Low-Income Households and People with Disabilities Paper Presentation Rolf Moeckel
Integrating Travel and Epidemic Models for Vector Borne Disease Surveillance Paper Presentation Krishnan Viswanathan
Location Choice Including Intervening Opportunities Paper Presentation Stefan Mabit
Modeling Connected and Automated Vehicles in a Four-Step Travel Demand Model for the Chittenden County Region Paper Presentation Benjamin Swanson
Modeling in the Open: Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Development of Visioneval, An Open Source Strategic Planning Project Paper Presentation Dan Flynn
Modeling the New Mobility: Integrating Autonomous Vehicles, the Sharing Economy and the Impacts of E-Commerce into a Model Framework Paper Presentation Eric Petersen
Modeling Willingness-to-share Trips in an Autonomous Vehicle Future: A Stochastic Psychological Latent Construct Approach Paper Presentation Chandra Bhat
Overview of Methods for Validation and Expansion of Passively Collected Origin-Destination Data Paper Presentation Vincent Bernardin
Piloting a Contribution Review Process for the VisionEval Strategic Planning Modeling Framework Paper Presentation Ben Stabler
Portland, Oregon Behavior-based Freight and Commercial Vehicle Model Paper Colin Smith
Recent Developments in Population Synthesis Paper Presentation Gaurav Vyas
Revealing Freight Vehicle Tours And Tour Patterns From GPS Vehicle Tracking And Driver Survey Data Paper Presentation André Romano Alho
Sample Enumeration Model for Airport Ground Access Paper Presentation Surabhi Gupta
Simulation-based Assessment of Cargo Bicycles and Pick-up Points in Parcel Distribution Paper Lei Zhang
Understanding Regional Travel Patterns with Big Data Paper Presentation Hadi Sadrsadat
Using an Activity-Based Model with Dynamic Traffic Simulation to Explore Scenarios for Private and Shared Autonomous Vehicle Use in Jacksonville Paper Presentation Mark Bradley
Using Big Data to Develop a Profile of TNCs Paper Presentation Drew Cooper
When Neutral Responses on a Likert Scale Do Not Mean Opinion Neutrality: Accounting for Unsure Responses in a Hybrid Choice Modeling Framework Paper Presentation Michael Maness

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