Travel Behavior Resources

This page serves as a clearinghouse for access to resources relating to travel behavior research. The various resource pages referenced in the travel behavior topic circles are all collected here.

# Websites (opens new window)
Webpage of the International Association for Travel Behavior Research. (opens new window)
Homepage of the TRB ADB10 Traveler Behavior and Values Committee. (opens new window)
Wikipedia page on travel behavior, somewhat minimal at the moment.

# Overview and review papers

Traveler Behavior and Values Research for Human-Centered Transportation Systems
An overview of the field of traveler behavior analysis.

Travel Behaviour: A review of recent literature
Literature review of papers focusing on empirical analysis or conceptual modeling of travel behavior from 2001-2006.

Emerging Issues in Travel Behavior Analysis (opens new window)
A discussion of current important issues in travel behavior and implications for data collection in NHTS.

Activity-Travel Behaviour Research: Conceptual Issues, State of the Art, and Emerging Perspectives on Behavioural Analysis and Simulation Modelling (opens new window)
A general overview of the field of activity-travel behavior research.

# Framework and conceptual model papers

Toward a dynamic model of individual activity pattern formulation
An early conceptualization of the activity-travel planning process as a behavioral process.

A model of complex travel behavior
An early example of the implementation of the activity-travel planning model STARCHILD.

Propositions for Modeling household decision-making
A detailed model of household and individual long and short-term decision making, forms the basis of the ILUTE model

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