Tolling and Public-Private Partnerships in Texas Separating Myth from Fact

# Author

Robert W. Poole, Jr., Reason Foundation

# Source

Reason Foundation

# Abstract

Texas enacted legislation in 2003 to permit expanded use of tolling and public-private partnerships (PPPs) to increase highway capacity. That law, as strengthened by amendments in 2005, has led to Texas attracting enormous potential private capital investment to expand its highway capacity beyond what would have been considered possible several years ago. The Texas policy has also been cited repeatedly as a model by other states enacting similar enabling legislation since 2003. This report aims to answer some basic questions regarding the PPP experience in Texas: Are long-term PPPs actually sound long-term transportation policy? Could existing public-sector toll agencies raise as much funding for transportation as private toll road companies? Should the state enact a two-year moratorium on CDAs during which time it studies their efficacy?

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