The Transportation Planning Process Briefing Book

The Transportation Planning Process Briefing Book: Key Issues for Transportation Decisionmakers, Officials, and Staff

# Authors

  • Transportation Planning Capacity Building Program
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Federal Transit Administration

# Source

US DOT; Publication Number: FHWA-HEP-18-015

# Abstract

Transportation at its core is about mobility and access. Patterns of growth and activity for people and goods across America are fundamentally driven by how well the transportation system delivers mobility and access. The performance of the transportation system also affects public policy concerns, such as safety, air quality, environmental resource consumption, social equity, resilience, land use, urban growth, economic development, and security. Transportation planning recognizes the critical links between transportation needs and other societal goals. The planning process involves more than simply tabulating capital projects. It includes strategies for operating, managing, maintaining, and financing the transportation system to advance an area's long-term goals and the regional community's shared vision for the future.

This book provides an overview of transportation planning for government officials, transportation decisionmakers, planning board members, transportation service providers, interested stakeholders, and the public. It covers the basics and key concepts of metropolitan and statewide transportation planning, along with references for additional information. Part I discusses transportation planning and its relationship to decisionmaking. This section is general and provides a broad introduction to the planning process. Part II presents short descriptions of the key products that are prepared as part of the transportation planning process.

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