Synthetic populations: review of the different approaches

# Author

Johan Barthelemy, Eric Cornelis

# Source

CEPS/INSTEAD Working Paper 2012-18

# Abstract

Microsimulations may involve a large number of agents. It is then practically impossible or too expensive to obtain a fully and complete disaggregated data set about these agents of interest. Moreover, if such a dataset was available, its use would be potentially problematic in view of stringent privacy laws. To address this problem one may build an artificial population starting from known aggregate data. Most of the known generation methods are explained in this paper. Their advantages and limitations are discussed and references are given for further details.

CEPS/INSTEAD Working Papers are intended to make research findings available and stimulate comments and discussion. They have been approved for circulation but are to be considered preliminary. They have not been edited and have not been subject to any peer review. The views expressed in this paper are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect views of CEPS/INSTEAD. Errors and omissions are the sole responsibility of the author(s).

# Publication Date


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