NCTCOG Path Towards Advanced Analytical Tools

The session will describe the role of analytical tools in the planning process, defining the NCTCOG’s framework, goals, and function as part of the bigger system. The presentation will then delve into the specifics of inventory data needs and how to accommodate these needs from technical, organizational, budgeting, and contracting points of view. The presentation will also focus on modeling services, detailing how the NCTCOG’s production line model is maintained, as well as the development and implementation of plans for its improvement. The NCTCOG will explain the necessity and expectations for advanced modeling and illustrate the steps which the agency has taken to incorporate these enhancements to their practice. The presentation will address how NCTCOG’s products serve the agency’s planning needs in application through streamlined tools and programs and spotlight how staff training and model maintenance have been an integral part of the agency’s analytical system. NCTCOG will then shift focus to identify the challenges of maintaining and managing this analytical system.

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Arash Mirzaei, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Kathy Yu, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Behruz Paschai, North Central Texas Council of Governments\

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