Multi-resolution models in project-level traffic forecasting"

# Objective

Multi-resolution models work at multiple levels of spatial and temporal detail, where all levels are separate travel models. A coarse level might deal with longer distance trips, while a fine level might deal with shorter trips near a project. The complexity of a multi-resolution mondel is a deterrence to its adoption for project-level forecasts. If a need is perceived for a multiresolution model, this class of model is described in NCHRP Report 765.

# Background

The concept of a multiresolution model is well suited for very large highway and transit projects of regional scale. At this writing there are only a few examples of multiresolution models, mostly combining statewide travel models with regional travel models.

# Guidelines

Multiresolution models should be considered for large projects having regional impact.

# Advice

The major interface between the levels of models is the OD table. Thus, there is a need to be able to readily disaggregate OD tables. To facilitate these disaggregations it is strongly recommended that zone boundaries be compatible. Particularly, fine zones should nest cleanly into coarse zones.

Developing compatible zone systems requires an unusually high degree of interagency coordination and long lead times. The multiresolution models cannot be easily built for specific projects. However, if a multiresolution model already exists, then it could be a suitable modeling concept for project-level travel forecasting.

# Items to Report

  • Same as for a regional travel model

# References

NCHRP Report 765

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