Inside the Black Box

Inside the Black Box: Making Transportation Models Work for Livable Communities

# Authors

  • Edward Beimborn
  • Rob Kennedy
  • William Schaefer

# Source

  • Citizens for a Better Environment
  • Environmental Defense Fund (Publication 99215S)

# Abstract

A classic document that explains the transportation planning process in simple terms, along with the interaction between transportation planning and travel forecasting. It was originally prepared in 1995 and subsequently updated in 2006.

This primer is intended to explain how the process works, the assumptions made and the steps that are used in urban transportation planning. This is done in order to help more people understand the process and its implications and to help people to interpret and comment on its results. This primer is divided into two sections, an overview of transportation planning in general - the what, why, who and how of transportation planning and a more specific description of the actual models used to forecast future travel. Since the basic purpose of transportation planning is to answer questions about future travel, the primer will use a question and answer format to explain how transportation planning takes place.

# Publication Date


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