Highway Research Board Special Report 120: Urban Commodity Flow

# Author

Highway Research Board Special Report 120: Urban Commodity Flow

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Paperbound Report published by the Highway Research Board

# Abstract

This is the report of a conference held December 6-9, 1970 (location unknown) under the auspices of HRB’s Advisory Committee on Movement of Goods in Urban Areas. The summary of conference lists nine findings intended to guide the development of urban freight planning and modeling going forward:

  1. Goods movement should be given more emphasis in the urban transportation planning process.
  2. The scope of urban goods movement should be broadly defined.
  3. Goods movement should be specifically considered in establishing national transportation policy and urban growth policies.
  4. Government policy and programs should encourage innovation in new urban goods systems and technology.
  5. Federal, state and local regulations and programs that affect urban goods movement should be coordinated.
  6. Public policy should ensure both continued health of the industry and improved service to the public.
  7. Demand forecasting techniques should be developed for urban goods movements for all modes of transportation.
  8. Means of reducing congestion, noise and air pollution, and other costs caused by the movement go goods in urban areas should be explored and evaluated.
  9. The existing information and sources of data on urban goods movement should be synthesized.

The proceedings contain 17 papers covering a wide variety of policy, management and technical issues as they were perceived by the profession in 1970. Sample titles include:

  • “The interest of the U.S. Department of Transportation in Urban Goods Movement”
  • “Structure and Economics of Intraurban Goods Movement”
  • “Problems Associated with Urban Goods Movement at the Local Level”
  • “Labor Practices and Problems in Urban Goods Movement”
  • “Demand Forecasting and Development of a Framework For Analysis of Urban Commodity Flows”

Transportation Research Board (formerly Highway Research Board)

# Publication Date

January 1, 1971

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