GPS Based Pilot Survey of Freight Movements in the Midwest Region

# Author

Kouros Mohammadian, Kazuya Kawamura, Karl Sturm, Zahra Pourabdollahi

# Source

Project completed for USDOT’s RITA by CFIRE.

# Abstract

The information presented here has been collected through the cooperation of a major Illinois based grocery chain with their headquarters and distribution center located in the Chicago region. The research team used the digital log files extracted from GPS tracking devices and the driver logs filled out during distribution tours as part of the analysis. The research team cleaned, processed, analyzed, and summarized this data.

In this study, the research team did not require the participant’s truck drivers to do anything. Even without driver logs or written surveys, the GPS devices collected a great deal of information that the research team used to make behavioral inferences. Logistical decisions and behavior gleaned from this collected GPS data included destination choice, route choice, time-of-day choice, and trip length.

Public Domain

# Publication Date

April 1, 2013 Final Draft

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