Traveler Behavior and Values Research for Human-Centered Transportation Systems

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Kostas Goulias

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The Transportation Research Board's Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values (A1C04) [now ADB10] promotes research and disseminates research results on traveler values, attitudes, and behavior. Traveler values and attitudes refers to motivational, cognitive, situational, and dispositive factors determining human behavior. Traveler behavior refers primarily to the modeling and analysis of travel demand on the basis of theories and analytical methods from a variety of scientific fields. They include, but are not limited to, the use of time and its allocation to travel and activities, the use of time in a variety of time contexts and stages in the life of people, and the organization and use of space at any level of social organization, such as the individual, the household, the community, and other formal or informal groups. Behavioral issues are also considered in the movement of goods to the extent necessary. The committee is North America's major forum for the development, promotion, and testing of experimental or emerging interdisciplinary methods. Given the interdisciplinary approach needed to understand human behavior, the future of the committee's work in the new millennium is inevitably one of conceptual integration.

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