Travel Behavior Definitions

# Travel Time Budgets

A travel time budget is the concept that, similarly to money budgets, people have fixed time allotments in their day for travel. Some researchers have hypothesized that travel time budgets are fixed across different time and cultures, but this has largely been debunked [1]

# Induced Demand

Transportation facilities are often expanded with the hope that speeds will be increased along the corridor. However, some demand may be induced by adding capacity; this demand may have been suppressed by slow speeds. The induced travel demand that comes from improved facilities may increase throughput, but congestion may still occur and result in the same speeds as before the improvement. More businesses and households may choose to locate in order to use the improved facility, further increasing demand beyond the existing demand land use prior to upgrade.

# References

  1. Mokhtarian, P. L., & Chen, C. (2004). TTB or not TTB, that is the question: a review and analysis of the empirical literature on travel time (and money) budgets. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 38(9-10), 643-675. (opens new window) ↩︎