NCHRP Synthesis 364

"NCHRP Synthesis 364: Estimating Toll Road Demand and Revenue, A Synthesis of Highway Practice"

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KRIGER,  DAVID, SUZETTE SHIU, and SASHA NAYLOR: iTRANS Consulting, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

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The purpose of this synthesis is to report the state of the practice in demand forecasting models that are used as the basis of revenue forecasts for toll roads in the United States. The synthesis profiles the current state of the practice in toll road demand and revenue forecasting, through a literature review and a survey of practitioners. It identifies the technical modeling issues that affect the performance of the forecasts and how these have been treated in current and emerging practice. The synthesis also develops checklists and lists of questions that practitioners (owners, proponents and financial backers) can use to improve the state of the practice. Finally, recommendations for future areas of research are identified. The synthesis focuses on the stat e of the practice in the United STates; however, it also references international practices where applciatablre.

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