ITM Conference Options

In the past, the TRB committee ADB45 has organized the Innovations in Travel Modeling Conference every other year. As this committee will be shut down by TRB in April 2020, we need to discuss options how to move forward (or not) with the ITM Conference.

Feel free to add your thoughts to this table.

No. Option Pros Cons
1 Create new ad-hoc committee every other year
  • No continuous commitment
  • Spreads the burden of organizing a conference across many people
  • Burden to find a new committee from scratch every other year
  • Responsibility of someone to remember in time to create this committee
  • Less continuity if people change for every conference
2 Assign task to another committee (such as ADB40)
  • Clear responsibility
  • Parallel structure to Planning Applications Conference and ADB50 (although ADB50's future is unclear at this point)
  • ADB40 needs to be willing to take on this task (challenging because this committee already reviews many papers for the TRB AM)
3 Assign task to the new ADB40 subcommittee that maintains
  • Organizational structure of ADB45 is maintained, with the only difference that the committee became a subcommittee
  • Link between ITM conference and TFResource is maintained (Topics discussed on TFResource are supposed to provide ideas for next ITM conference topics, and ITM findings shall feed into TFResource)
  • The new subcommittee might already have difficulties to maintain volunteers, as the status is degraded from committee to subcommittee
4 Merge ITM Conference with Planning Applications Conference
  • Participants of the ITM conference and the planning applications conference are not that different anymore
  • Could encourage more cross-fertilization between practitioners and developers/scientists
  • Identity of each conference could get lost
  • Conference might become much bigger and lose some of its intimacy
5 Terminate ITM conference series
  • Effortless
  • Clear signal towards TRB organization about frustration of lack of communication in this transition
  • Loss of a popular conference series with some tradition since 2006
  • ITM was a major place to promote activity-based modeling and data-driven modeling. Without ITM, such innovations may take longer to realize