Household travel surveys: Where are we going?

# Author

Peter R. Stopher, Stephen P. Greaves

# Source

Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice

Volume 41, Issue 5, June 2007, Pages 367–381

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This paper provides a review of the history of household travel surveys. It points out some of the problems that have been, and will continue to be, encountered with traditional household travel surveys (i.e. diary surveys). One of the major difficulties pointed out is the struggle to obtain sufficient and detailed enough data from the traditional household travel survey for the advanced travel forecasting models built today. The paper continues by summarizing several future directions that tweak the conventional diary survey to solve this data problem: a) GPS-enabled surveys, b) panel surveys, and c) continuous measurement surveys. The paper concludes by suggesting that data fusion of disparate data sources could also be a viable option over conducting travel surveys. The data fusion process would produce artificial (or synthetic) travel data_travel_data).

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