Members will be contacted when submissions are deleted and will be required to work one-on-one with the TF Resource Administrators after the first violation. The second violation will result in demotion to a lower user role on the website. Demotions will be carefully considered and in consultation with the TF Resource Volunteers related to the topic at hand. Demotion in extreme cases may be permanent, but will more often be for a cool down period with a set of conditions for reinstatement.

Dispute resolution will be handled first through the Administrators and if necessary through the oversight committee. This process will only be undertaken in cases where reasonable people might see some merit in the argument for reinstatement.

The Standing Committee has developed and approved the following policies and procedures. Any necessary additions or updates will be developed and approved by the same committee. Decision making will be as transparent as possible but, in the interest of focusing energy on the important work of developing content, this project will not be a democracy – the committee will have the final say.

The information on the TF Resource is divided into topic areas - alternative sorting and information delivery strategies may be developed in the future but for now we are keeping it simple. The initial topics were selected by the standing committee and future topics will be selected by the community and generated as Contributors provide the associated wiki content.

If a topic you really care about is not currently found on Topics, please register as a Contributors and begin to develop the page. Templates are provided for Topic development and contain the basic structure for TF Resource wiki pages.

Preliminary topic page templates have been developed. Refined versions of these templates and style guides will be developed and provided to the topic groups. In the meantime, topic pages should follow the basic guidelines below:

  • Be in a neutral point of view (if there is more than one approach describe both)
  • Not contain original research but original content is okay
  • Not include guidance, standards, or requirements
  • Be verifiable
  • Should include links to other portions of the TF Resource
  • To the extent possible should include illustrations, images, and other breaks in the text
  • Be free of plagiarism, you are welcome to quote other work but be very careful to provide credit

Obviously the Topics pages on the TF Resource have significant overlaps, share common background information and material. The advantage, and the curse, of a web based resource is that we don’t need to replicate common material all over the sight. The curse portion comes into play because to avoid that replication we need to be very aware of what is on existing topic pages and what will be included on developing topic pages. Collaboration is therefore critical not only within a topic group, but also with topic groups upstream and downstream of your topic and elsewhere on the site.

# Web Site Roles

To avoid some of the problems associated with anonymous postings, the TF Resource will only allow attributed contributions. Unregistered visitors may view anything on the site, but will not be able to post to the site. Registered site members will have the ability to post and contribute at various levels.