Emerging Issues in Travel Behavior Analysis

# Authors

  • Ram Pendyala
  • Chandra Bhat

# Source

  • Transportation Research Board

# Abstract

This paper represents a review of current emerging issues in travel behavior in the context of updating the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS). The authors describe many of the current directions of travel behavior research including the impact of information and communications technologies (ICT), the analysis of time-use and trends in this area, the focus on joint and interactive travel behaviors. There is also much discussion of the need for more focus on behavioral processes and dynamics and learning and adaptive behaviors, and an overview of current trends in this area. The paper serves as a fairly thorough overview of current research trends in travel behavior analysis.

This workshop resource paper was presented in November 2004 at the National Household Travel Survey Conference, Washington, DC. See Transportation Research E-Circular E-C071 for more information.

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