Bibliography No. 11: Origin-Destination Surveys and Traffic Volume Studies

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Highway Research Board - Robert Emmanuel Barkley

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Paperbound Report published by the Highway Research Board

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This volume contains a paper on highway traffic studies, which summarizes much of the work that has been done in studying the characteristics of vehicular flow. The history of traffic surveys, their purposes, the methods of collecting and analyzing the data, and an evaluation of these methods are included in this paper. The practices of the many states are given by examples and by illustrations taken from reports.

The annotated bibliography covers traffic volume studies, origin-destination surveys, and various aspects of highway planning. It includes references that are available in the Indianapolis Public Library; the Indiana State Library; the Purdue University Library; the Yale Bureau of Highway Traffic Library; the personal collections of various men engaged in highway planning; and the reports of many state highway departments. The references cover the period from 1911 to March 1951; a chronological listing has been used, with the reports and articles of each year alphabetized according to the author. A source index, an author index, and a classified subject index have been provided.

Bibliography No. 11: Origin-Destination Surveys and Traffic Volume Studies: Copyright, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., 1951. Reproduced with permission of the Transportation Research Board.

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