Acceptable practical experience model standard in project-level traffic forecasting

An acceptable practical experience model is typical of the better models used for travel forecasting in the United States. Those models are four-step or activity-based, but only three steps are absolutely required for project-level traffic forecasting. The specification of an acceptable model constitutes minimum expectations as follows:

  • Ability to perform trip generation with procedures from NCHRP Report 365, NCHRP Report 716 or similar;
  • Ability to perform trip distribution with a gravity model or a destination choice model or similar;
  • Ability to perform equilibrium traffic assignments with feedback to trip distribution;
  • Ability to assign traffic for a single peak hour using pre-assignment time-of-day factors; and
  • Meets standards of the “Travel Model Validation and Reasonableness Checking Manual II” and validates to within the standard of first column in the Table in Quality assurance and validation standards for traffic volumes in the base case.

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