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This is a test page to show various editing options for TFResource contributors and volunteers.

This is the first heading level

There are several options for adjusting text. We are not able to vary the font size much, but we can make it Big text or we can make it really little. We can also make the text stand out or be shown in italics like this.

Often when we are creating pages, we like to make lists of things. We can use bullets:

  • apples
  • oranges
  • pears

We can also use numbers to make our list:

  1. Cubs
  2. Cardinals
  3. Giants

Here is the second heading level

Sometimes we like to link to other websites. If you happen to be interested in the upcoming TRB Transportation Planning Applications Conference you can find information about it here. There is also information about this conference on a TFResource page about events.

This is the third heading level

When we want to include references throughout our wiki post, you can use the reference button in the editing tool bar of the edit window and it will provide the nomenclature needed to call them out and have them automatically listed in the References section at the end of the wiki article (see Dunbar 2017 [1])

This is the fourth heading level

When we want to include an exhibit or photo within the body of our wiki page, we first need to upload the file by using the 'upload file' function from the wrench drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of every page. It is very important to enter accurate information in the summary box when uploading a file that includes from whom permission was obtained to use the file. Since it's my cat, I'll take this opportunity to show you how to link to a User Page within the wiki!

Once the file has been uploaded, you can reference it within the body of the wiki page as follows

Julie's Cat

Sometimes you need a page break inserted to not make the page look crowded around the photo/figure. We encourage the use of figures, photos and graphs in all wiki pages to break up the text and make pages more interesting!

Lastly let's add a table

One can also add a table of data to a wiki page by going to the Advanced settings on the Edit Toolbar and selecting the insert table icon.

Favorite Foods Rick Rolf
Coffee no yes
Chocolate yes yes
Margaritas yes no

Another option, of course, is to copy your table from the original document, save it as a jpg or pdf and then upload it as a file. This is a good approach if the table is very large and complicated to recreate.


  1. Dunbar, Julie (2017) How to create a page on TFResource, Part 1