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(Wiki Content Enhancements)
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| [[User:ThomasRossi | Thomas Rossi]]
| [[User:ThomasRossi | Thomas Rossi]]
| [[:Category:Mode_choice|Mode choice]] and model transferability  
| [[:Category:Mode_choice|Mode choice]] and [[Model_Transferability|model transferability]]

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ADB45 Special Committee for Travel Forecasting Resources

TRB Special Committee for Travel Forecasting Resources (ADB45) members are responsible for the technical content of this wiki. Committee members are expected to actively contribute to one or more areas under ADB45’s charge and document their contributions within the tresource.org wiki environment. The contributions of committee Friends are greatly appreciated.

The most important committee's tasks include:

Following, current ADB45 Member and Friends are listed by their current role. Interested to get involved? Feel free to sign up (see orange box on the top right) and start contributing to the team.

Wiki Content Enhancements

Name Field of Interest Progress presented
Rebekah Anderson Transition of the travel survey manual to TFResource TBD
Joshua Auld Model integration TBD
Vince Bernardin Destination choice and passively collected data TBD
Chandra Bhat Discrete choice modeling and continuing with the video clip projects TBD
Rob Bostrom Statewide modeling to include work with Statewide Modeling Subcommittee and collect model documentation from states, mega regions, national models and international models TBD
Mark Bradley Transition travel survey manual to TFResource TBD
Stacey Bricka Carbon data and travel surveys TBD
Joe Castigione TBD TBD
Rick Donnelly Automated Vehicles TBD
Brian Gardner TBD TBD
Venu Garikapati TBD TBD
Alan Horowitz Content focused on history (with Kermit Wies) and practitioners, among others on Vine Building TBD
David Kurth Model validation TBD
Stephen Lawe Push users to the site (outreach) TBD
Rolf Moeckel Path finding algorithm and destination choice 16 February 2017
Ram Pendyala Use of university student contributors TBD
Thomas Rossi Mode choice and model transferability TBD
Rob Schiffer Statewide modeling TBD
Peter Vovsha TBD TBD
S. Travis Waller Dynamic network models TBD
Kermit Wies Activity-based models, practitioner introductions, historical topics with Alan Horowitz and general wiki cleanup and maintenance TBD

Questions and Answers

The Q&A section (http://answers.tfresource.org/index.html) of TFResource is shepherded by:
Thomas Rossi
David Ory
Josie Kressner
Rick Donnelly
Ben Stabler

ITM 2018

The core team to prepare the ITM Conference in 2018 includes
Lisa Amar
Joshua Auld
Vince Bernardin
Chandra Bhat
Rob Bostrom
Mark Bradley
Joe Castigione
Billy Charlton
Rick Donnelly
Venu Garikapati
Josie Kressner
David Kurth
Stephen Lawe
David Ory
Ram Pendyala
Thomas Rossi
Elizabeth Sall
Peter Vovsha
S. Travis Waller

Members At-large

Michelle Bina
Jen Duthie
Eric Pihl
Guy Rousseau