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Corridor-level models

Freight models

High Speed Rail models

Multi-state models

National models

National models strongly relate to statewide models since they use similar data sources and the movement to develop national models came from a statewide modeling committee research suggestion. The conventional thinking is that an accurate national model could be used as a source of information – networks, trip table, standard attributes – for developing more detailed statewide models. The National Travel Demand Forecasting Model Phase I Final Scope report developed a framework for developing a national model. The scope had the following components:

  • Identify alternative model structures;
  • Obtain and prepare input data;
  • Model development and validation;
  • Develop tools and documentation; and
  • Future directions.

There has been significant movement in starting the development of the national model by FHWA, Office of Policy. This agency has started research on new sources of data for long distance travel as a first step in developing the national model.

Provincial models