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Statewide Modeling Subcommittee ADA10(2) The statewide travel forecasting committee has been in existence about 19 years. It is dedicated to statewide and multi-state travel forecasting. It has two parent committees: Statewide Multimodal Transportation Planning and Transportation Demand Forecasting. The committee website is

Major components of the web site include:

Presentations from TRB conferences, source documents and minutes from subcommittee meetings. ADA10(2) meets annually at the annual TRB meeting with a focus on current committee activities, research focus area status, state-of-the-practice presentations and the upcoming year’s activities.

The Statewide Modeling Subcommittee sponsored meetings and workshops have included:

  • TRB Annual Meeting Sessions.;
  • Meetings of the TRB Subcommittee on Statewide Travel Forecasting Models;
  • Statewide Travel Demand Modeling: Peer Exchange, Transportation Research Circular E-C075, September 2004;
  • Statewide planning conference (Atlanta 2009) with statewide modeling workshop; and
  • 2013 Planning Applications Conference Workshops.