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Go to [[Project-level traffic forecasting]] topic page.
Go to [[Project-level traffic forecasting]] topic page.

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Go to Project-level traffic forecasting topic page.

Requesting a forecast

The form shown below may be used for requesting a forecast and is typical. The request must contain the following information (adapted from the “Ohio Certified Traffic Manual” and Hawaii’s “Traffic Assignment Work Order” form):

  • Project identifier;
  • Description of the project;
  • Open-to-traffic year and design year;
  • Requested design values;
  • Other requirements;
  • Map(s) showing project limits;
  • List of intersections requiring turning movements, if any;
  • List of any other facilities needing special attention;
  • Required time periods of analysis (24 hours, PM peak hour, etc.);
  • Details of planned developments or other known factors which may impact the project; and
  • Need by date.



Forecasting process flow diagram

The figure below summarizes the major steps in the project-level traffic forecasting process.