--KermitWies (talk) 13:28, 29 June 2018 (UTC)From Rolf's 6/26/2018 email requesting page review: Your review should include:

  • Read the page and subpages that belong to this topic (i.e., pages that are listed as “Pages in category…” at the end of the page)
  • Polish language, spelling and organization of the pages
  • Add visualizations where appropriate
  • Update the page if you are aware of more recent developments
  • Identify gaps and either write the content yourself or find someone who can write it or identify it for the committee as a missing part

From 2017 TRB Annual Meeting ADB45 Committee Meeting Notes. A Roll Call was taken, with results as follows (note names with * are ADB45 friends, not members): o Rolf – Focus on wiki content (specifically destination choice and path finding) o David Kurth – ITM18 conference committee; wiki content on model validation o Billy Charlton – Tech support and workshop organization at ITM18 o Elizabeth Sall– Data and code repository; ITM18 unique conference sessions o Kermit Wies– wiki content on activity based models, practitioner introductions, historical topics with Alan Horowitz and general wiki cleanup and maintenance o Alan Horowitz– wiki content focused on history and practitioners o Venu Garikapati– ITM18 conference program and workshops; wiki contributor (but needs an introduction as a new member) o Joe Castiglione– ITM18 conference; wiki content on model integration o Stephen Lawe – ITM18 conference and restructuring; wiki focused on pushing users to the site (outreach); o Vince Bernardin – wiki content on destination choice and passively collected data; ITM 18 conference planning; o Tom Rossi – Wiki content on mode choice, model transferability and Q/A; ITM 18 conference planning; o Dave Ory– Q/A and ITM18 (specifically support of the Conference App in conjunction with App sponsor as before); o Josh Auld – Data and code repository assistance; ITM18 conference planning; wiki content on model integration; o Rob Bostrom – wiki content on statewide modeling to include work with Statewide Modeling Subcommittee and collect model documentation from all states, mega regions, national models and international models as appropriate; Rob suggested additional topics like traffic forecasting and NCHRP 765 should be posted; ITM 18 Conference planning with focus on statewide modeling; (Rob noted that in a wikipedia search for travel forecasting, TFResource doesn’t come up- Kermit said he would look into this!) o Travis Waller- wiki content on dynamic network models; ITM18 conference support in a minor role more focused at selecting topics and big picture approach; o Josie Kressner – Q/A support; ITM18 Conference planning focused on workshops/tutorials; o Brian Gardner– wiki content and practical side through FHWA contract; o Rick Donnelly– Q/A support; wiki content on Automated Vehicles; ITM18 Conference Planning; o Peter Vosha – ITM18 Conference planning focused on moving advanced methods into practice; wiki content with Joe C on integrated models and possible new topics Chandra Bhat– supported Peter’s suggested name change for Destination Choice to Activity Location Choice; wiki content on discrete choice modeling and continuing with the video clip projects he started before; ITM 18 Conference planning focus on bridging the gap between academics and practitioners and considering a collaborative architecture for this; o ABJ40* (Rebekah Anderson) – wiki support with the transistion of the travel survey manual to TFResource; o Ram Pendyala– ITM18 Conference planning and wiki content using university student contributors; o ABJ30* – ‘carbon data’ (julie to follow up with the chair (Stacy Bricka) to understand what they’ll be contributing) o Rob Schiffer* – ITM18 Conference planning and wiki content on statewide modeling; o Liza Amar* – ITM18 Conference Program; o Ben Stabler* – Q/A assistance and support with data repository idea; o Mark Bradley* – wiki content switching travel survey manual to TFResource and conference planning workshops