Members of the travel forecasting community have a unique opportunity to make a tangible contribution to the advancement of the profession. The TRB Special Committee for Travel Forecasting Resources (ADB45) hopes users will join the TF Resource community and help take this site well beyond what a textbook or library can offer.

So how do you get involved? Register as a contributor and start contributing - it is just that easy! We want the TF Resource to be useful to all levels of TF professionals from the student or entry level modeler to the professor or expert. For this to happen we need to have modelers of all levels of experience, from all types of agencies, and from all across the US involved. Maybe you are not ready to author a topic page, but there is a contribution you can make. Have you recently made an improvement to one phase of your model – write a case study. A student working on a master thesis or dissertation might contribute an annotated literature review for a new topic or add to an existing one. If you have just completed the roll out of a new model - share the graphics and text you used to describe your model and its results. Even if you have just read a topic introduction and don’t understand one point – post a question or comment on the wiki page for clarification. As the old saying goes, if you are confused then others probably are also.

Each topic circle will have a curator assigned to provide assistance and monitor related contributions. Once you begin to make your wiki entry as an incubator page, if it is not part of an existing incubator or established discussion or topic, you will be contacted by a curator to assist you in developing your contributions. All new content from the contributing users will begin at the incubator stage, allowing other contributors to comment, edit and add to the topic area in traditional wiki style. Eventually, should incubator content become mature and somewhat stable, the curator assigned to the relevant topic circle will determine when an incubator page should be promoted to an established page.