The TFResource is all about community and volunteers, this page and the associated pages describe the volunteers contributing to the website, the councils responsible for various aspects of the website, and the staff supporting the effort. Among the critical goals of the site are to keep its management as simple as possible and to keep its decision-making very transparent. The rules governing the volunteers and councils are designed to make sure that we acheive these goals.

Contributors - The transportation forecasting community is invited to register for the site and start contributing. Contributors can come from any part of the profession, with any level of experience, and any perspective on travel forecasting.

Curators - The curators are largely drawn from The TRB Special Standing Committee on Travel Forecasting Resource. This committee operates under the TRB standing committee rules, which are designed to assure diversity and regular rotation of members to bring in new ideas and perspective. Contributors can also become curators after demonstrating susteained, constructive contributions to the website.

Architecture Council - Council membership is limited to Standing Committee members. The primary responsibilities of this Council will be to manage the Space and Topic structure, to monitor functionality of the TFResource, to identify improvements needed and future directions.

Content and Membership Council - Again this council membership is limited to Standing Committee members. The Council will approve new contributors, appoint members to the other Councils, and approve curators from outside the standing committee. Additionally this Council will be to approve the addition of new topic circles, and assign curators to the topic circles. If it becomes necessary the council will also make the disciplinary decisions associated with contributor activities or disagreements over site content. Additional information on the disciplinary processes may be found on the governance page.

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